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At Leisure Pools & Spas, we are committed to providing you with the absolute best hot tub and swimming pool ownership experience possible.


Deciding who to buy a hot tub or swimming pool from is as important as choosing the hot tub or pool itself!


Purchasing a hot tub or pool from Leisure Pools & Spas is the beginning of a long term relationship with a trusted, local dealer partner.


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There is nothing like the relaxing therapy of your own spa or hot tub! Relax in warmth and melt away the stresses of the day. Leisure Pools and Spas offers a wide variety of spas and hot tubs from California Cooperage Hot Tubs, Elite Spas, MAAX Spas, Royal Spas and InnovaSpa.



imageRoyal Spas


Leisure Pools and Spas is committed to providing quality spas and accessories that meet the needs of our customers. We take pride in being able to offer Royal Spa products. Royal Spas are inexpensive to maintain and operate, and will be inexpensive to repair after warranties have expired. After seeing our spas and accessory products, we're sure you'll agree that we have achieved our goals.


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King Ultra | Sultan | Emperor | Majesty | Monarch

Empress | Royale | Regal | Jewel | Knight

Squire | Princess | R-1000 | S-1000



imageUrbania by InnovaSpa


The design of the Urbania was influenced by European designer bath tub creations that stress soft curves and body comfort. Unlike traditional squares or rectangles, the shape of the Urbania is unique. It has curb appeal and it gives a fresh look to your spa. The outer surfaces are textured for durability and to retain a finished look. The inner surfaces are smooth and comfortable to the touch. The captain's seats have a textured area to help prevent sliding and the floor of the foot well and the top of the cool down seat are accented with a faux rock pattern finish for added charm.


Visit their website for more info.




imageAmerican Whirlpool by MAAX Collection Spas


MAAX® originated in 1969 with the founding of Modern Fiberglass and Metal and grew into a leading manufacturer of modern whirlpool systems in the bathtub industry.


Today American Whirlpool by MAAX® has a reputation of superior design and innovation. From the steel frame to the Thermo-lock® insulation, your new American Whirlpool by MAAX® Spas hot tub will provide you the ultimate luxury home spa experience.




imageStrong Spas


Experience tranquility with Strong Spas. Whether it’s by yourself or with a group of loved ones, Strong Spas creates a luxurious environment full of rest, comfort and soothing hydrotherapy. Savor each moment as you submerge yourself in the quality and luxury of one of our many premium spas.