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About Us

At Leisure Pools & Spas, we are committed to providing you with the absolute best hot tub and swimming pool ownership experience possible. Deciding who to buy a hot tub or swimming pool from is as important as choosing the hot tub or pool itself!

On April 1st 1991, Patrick and Donna Reed started Total Floor Care, Inc. out of their home in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  The business was started as a commercial & residential floor care solution company including commercial removal of old flooring. In 1997 they started doing residential swimming pool service in addition to the floor care business adding a (DBA) Total Pool Care to the business name -  then called TFC/TPC.

In 1998, they began servicing and selling hot tubs, opening a 2000 square ft. store in Brookfield at 12525 W. Lisbon Road. In 2007, they decided to discontinue the flooring side of the business and concentrate on pools and hot tubs. In 2008 they expanded the store in Brookfield  to 4000 square feet to better accommodate spas and supplies for both pools and spas.

In November 2011 Leisure Pools and Spas, Inc. was born to better identify the nature of the company that exists today.

Purchasing a hot tub or pool from Leisure Pools & Spas is the beginning of a long term relationship with a trusted, local dealer partner. Stop by today!